by V. Vale

Chances are, if you found this site you supported our independent publishing in the past 24 months (i.e., bought a book). You're getting a "sneak preview" because you're "one of us" (?!). We didn't mean to lead you on, but truth to tell, this site will be "under construction" forever!

In fact, we need your help. On this site, it's our dream vision to remake the world, its history and culture as "incredibly strange." The way it will work is: if you want to visit (for example) Prague, you'll click "Prague" on our site and everything "incredibly strange" within a hundred miles will come up. Obviously, we hope residents and visitors to Prague will send us contributions. Basically, we want to put the Incredibly Strange Alternative "Encyclopedia Britannica" on the Web. We also want to form a global "Incredibly Strange" community!

We now have a commercial site up at, and we hope you go there. If you mention the secret code "XIS-123" we'll give you a 20% discount. If you order more than 3 items, just email, telephone or FAX me and we'll give you an even bigger discount (aimed at those who wish to complete their "RE/Search Libraries).

In closing, if you liked the Incredibly Strange Films and Incredibly Strange Music books (& CDs), I believe you'll love the future "" . . . because you'll be involved in making it happen.

All the Best,

V. Vale
(who brought you Search & Destroy, RE/Search and The Project for the 21st Century: . . . 23 years of providing "inspiration."